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Simple example

Simple example


* {
font-family: Open Sans;

.box {
border: solid #555 2px;
border-radius: 10px;
padding: 10px 20px;


<div style="text-align: center;">
<div class="box" id="htmlgraphics-text"></div>
<br />
<div class="box" id="htmlgraphics-value"></div>


// Sets the value from the first series on every refresh
const htmlgraphicsValue = htmlNode.getElementById('htmlgraphics-value');

if (htmlgraphicsValue) {
const valueField = data.series[0].fields[1];
const length = valueField.values.length;
htmlgraphicsValue.textContent = valueField.values.get(length - 1);


// Sets the text from customProperties
const htmlgraphicsText = htmlNode.getElementById('htmlgraphics-text');

if (htmlgraphicsText) {
htmlgraphicsText.textContent = customProperties.text;

// Change the text color based on the theme
if (theme.isDark) { = 'green';
} else { = 'red';

Custom properties

"text": "Random text"

Panel options (import/export)

"add100Percentage": true,
"centerAlignContent": true,
"overflow": "visible",
"SVGBaseFix": true,
"codeData": "{\n \"text\": \"Random text\"\n}",
"css": "* {\n font-family: Open Sans;\n}\n\ {\n border: solid #555 2px;\n border-radius: 10px;\n padding: 10px 20px;\n}\n",
"html": "<div style=\"text-align: center;\">\n <div class=\"box\" id=\"htmlgraphics-text\"></div>\n <br />\n <div class=\"box\" id=\"htmlgraphics-value\"></div>\n</div>\n",
"renderOnMount": true,
"onRender": "// Sets the value from the first series on every refresh\nconst htmlgraphicsValue = htmlNode.getElementById('htmlgraphics-value');\n\nif (htmlgraphicsValue) {\n const valueField = data.series[0].fields[1];\n const length = valueField.values.length;\n htmlgraphicsValue.textContent = valueField.values.get(length - 1);\n}",
"dynamicData": false,
"panelupdateOnMount": true,
"onInit": "// Sets the text from customProperties\nconst htmlgraphicsText = htmlNode.getElementById('htmlgraphics-text');\n\nif (htmlgraphicsText) {\n htmlgraphicsText.textContent = customProperties.text;\n\n // Change the text color based on the theme\n if (theme.isDark) {\n = 'green';\n } else {\n = 'red';\n }\n}\n"