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Grafana boot data


window.grafanaBootData is not created through the plugin but through Grafana itself. This means it can easily change based on the Grafana version.

The Grafana boot data can be gotten through the window object. The grafanaBootData property type is any, but window.grafanaBootData.settings is Grafana boot config.

The easiest way to see what's useful is to log it.


In no particular order, here are a few things that can be gotten, that I think are useful, from window.grafanaBootData.

  • The users mail, name, orgRole and more. window.grafanaBootData.user.
  • Check if there's an update ready for Grafana. window.grafanaBootData.settings.buildInfo.hasUpdate.
  • Get data sources proxy url. window.grafanaBootData.settings.datasources["data source name"].url.