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Quick start


It is recommended to use a code editor like Visual Studio Code or Atom to have it saved on your computer in case of the browser crashes or freezes.

To update the panel, press ctrl+s inside the code editor or click outside the code editor. The panel will only save if there are new changes.

  1. Create a graphical drawing in HTML or SVG.

    Using a vector graphics software like Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator makes creating graphics a lot easier.

  2. Create a new panel and select HTML Graphics in the visualizations tab.
  3. Paste the HTML/SVG code into the HTML/SVG document code editor.
  4. Write code that you want to run once when the dashboard loads in the onInit code editor.
  5. Write code you want to run when new data is available in the onRender code editor.
  6. Add options into the Custom properties code editor you want to use in onInit or onRender.
  7. Make good use of the developer console (ctrl+shift+j) and console.log().

Using a bundler is highly encouraged.