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Halved the saved options


Breaking change! importedPanelOptions doesn't save in the options after v2.0.0.


Panels created after updating to v2.0.0 will have the halved size, but plugins created before v2.0.0 must have it's importedPanelOptions updated. To update importedPanelOptions go to the Import/export option and update the json (add a space at the bottom of the editor) and save (ctrl+s).

The importedPanelOptions doesn't save as it's own option anymore, but just updates the other options. Which almost halves the size of the saved panel options.

The grafana dashboard payload for v2.0.0 (all the data, not just the saved panel options)

size v2.0.0 payload v2.0.0

The grafana dashboard payload for version v1.5.0

payload pre v2.0.0 size pre v2.0.0

Improvements to the mutate calcs options

A bug was fixed where import/export didn't update with the latest mutate calcs options when mutate calcs changed.

All the calcs which are in use are shown in the calcs option.


mutate calcs v1.5.0


mutate calcs v2.0.0